ODTB cubes through TC in Texas

Saucier Kathy

Just a heads up to anyone in Texas wanting these cubes that hasn't already seen my posts over the last few weeks.
To all the ladies on my list already, we ARE getting them. The deal is done and the truck should be leaving Ontario soon if not already. By next week the shipment will be in Fort Worth at Evergreen Mills.
When I have the word they have gotten here, I will post again. Then you can start bugging your feed guys to get it there for you. Even start letting them know you are wanting this now so they know of your interest. I went to Ontario Dehy and printed off the info sheet on the Timothy Balance cubes for my feed man so he could get familiar with it ahead of time. And he is excited.

I haven't been able to keep up with email and the EC group lately. If you need to ask me anything, go ahead and send me an email personally. That is fine.
gksaucier at verizon dot net

And anyone who was not aware of this coming to TX, if you don't know if you have a Triple Crown dealer in your area, you can go to http://www.evergreenmills.com/ and click on "dealer locator". It is a great tool to find out where to get it. Triple Crown is dealing the Ontario Dehy products including our Timothy Balance. Oh and be sure your feed dealer understand which Timothy cube. The BALANCE cube.
Kathy Saucier
Carrollton, TX

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