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does anyone soak their hay overnite?

soaking a batch overnite and then spreading it out to dry for when i
have to go away and have someone else feed would be helpful. or for me
because that hour is a long time for someone who works 10-12 hour
shifts. right now i am emptying the water and soaking twice.

i assume it would have to thoroughly dry out or it will be
no good? i saw pictures of a wire drying rack. ok to do?

i am going to see what other feeds (and hays) are available in south
florida besides the purina wellsolve l/s at my local store. in the
meantime, soaking overnight would be helpful...

who needs to soak her head!

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could someone please tell me if hay can be soaked overnight? my
daughter would like to soak buuddys hay at night when she leaves the
barn so that in the am it is easier for staff to feed, she is afraid
that thy are not soaking it long enough in the am because they are so there bad effects from soaking overnight thankyou marybeth and

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