Re: Does this mean Cushings?

Joan and Dazzle

Hi Sue,

If this were Dazzle, I'd start her on pergolide. It's the low time of
year and in August or Sept, the ACTH will just get higher.

Take a deep breath. You're lucky you caught it before he had symptoms.
many times, the first symptom is laminitis.

Please post the insulin levels when you get it. Cornell's normal (high
end) is full blown insulin resistance.

Joan and Dazzle

--- In EquineCushings@..., "suebonitati" <maitai@...> wrote:

Just got the bloodwork back on my 28 y/o QH gelding - we ran an ACTH
and insulin - he is not symptomatic with obvious signs of Cushings.
The result was 55 (9-35 normal). His insulin was normal.

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