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Hi folks, wonder if you could advise me, my 11 yr old gelding has had
reacurring bouts of laminitis through out the last year, he does not
have any classic signs of cushings and because of this my vet is not
willing to do a test for insulin intollerance, he said the results are
not acurate and often inconclussive, and the other test which he would
do could induce laminitis. However he does not have any answers as to
how the horse is getting lami. At the moment he is off grass, cerals,
course fact he he is just getting soaked hay but I am
terrified he gets another bout. Am I over reacting? would he have some
other symptoms if he had cushings/insulin intollerance. Or is this
just a typical case of toxic laminitis that can take a long time if
ever to get over (as the vet says) was interested in the theory of the
asprin as he made the best progress in the whole year after I gave him
a course of asprin for the first time.
Would really appreciate your opinions

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