Re: Double dose strongid paste ?

Lara <larhae71@...>

Living in Western WA the climate here does not have extreme season
changes like the East Coast used to have (at least when I lived in PA
as a little girl), not so sure now...

I only have 2-3 horses at a time and they're at home and not exposed to
different horses. We have a 3 acre pasture that's established but not
overgrazed, however, they're currently on the dry lot. All pretty
healthy except my possible IR pregnant mare that just foundered for the
second time!

My vet tells me I can just use Ivermectin since there is no resistance
to it and that every eight weeks is more than sufficient given my
situation... Now, that does not seem logicle to me?


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There are variables to answering this like where you live, is the
pasture 'virgin' or established, how large is the pasture, how many
horses are on it, are the horses healthy etc. I think I would talk to
your vet about advising you for your area. Mandy and Asher in VA

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