Re: Oregon Reginal mix??

Sally Hugg

Hi Lara -

I'm the person who sells the CA Trace. It was originally something I
put together 4 years ago for my own horses, based on the mineral
balancing I learned to do on this list. Some of my friends started
using it and one thing lead to another. I am a full time (trying to
cut back to part time) barefoot trimmer and make the product
available to my clients and anyone else who wants to use it. I don't
advertise, but it's available through my modest hoof care website

There is a link where you can read the anlaysis http://bare-

Since the soil where much of the California hay is grown is high in
magnesium, there is seldom a magnesium deficiency in the hay grown
around northern California. Therefore, you might need to add
supplemental magnesium oxide for your hay. Manganese is highly
variable, so there is none in the formula.

These regional mixes are not a substitute for balancing to your
actual hay analysis, but seems to work better than buying something
off the shelf. It would be wonderful if someone would come up with a
pacific northwest regional mix that was available for purchase.

If you have questions, just send me an e-mail or call the number on
the homepage of my website.


"Lara" <larhae71@...> wrote:

Joan, where do you get CA Trace, or who makes it? I would like to
compare it to my custom mix... Lara

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