Re: Oregon Reginal mix??

Sally Hugg

Hi Lara -
Yes - it's really tough to be "something for everyone", so these
regional mixes are just the best we can do for the "average" hay and
horse. You can try simply increasing the dosage to bring up the copper
and zinc levels, but that will of course increase your selenium just a
bit. For the record, CA Trace does contain 2 mg of iodine per serving.


"Lara" <larhae71@...> wrote:
After comparing CA Trace Plus and AR Reg Mix to my custom mix it seems
that mine has a bit higher levels of Copper and Zinc; plus mine does
have Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Iodine where the other's do not. Mine
has 10mg Biotin per 10lbs hay fed. The Selenium is the same as both
other supplements...

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