Re: Padding for Angels hooves

J Amick

Maria, when Especial first went really lame just prior to him
penetrating both front coffin bones due to thin sole, I hauled him to
Pgh, PA to a special vet and had him nerve blocked, xrayed, and he
also put the "frog" pads on Es. This was a big no no..... The
elevation of using those "frog" pads is what did Es in and he then
penetrated completely thru. What my fella really needed was total
sole support that encased the entire foot bottom, not just frog
support.... Follow?

I paid a huge vet bill only to have made my gelding worse. Wish I
would have had the Soft Ride boots with the gel inserts then, and I
would have saved a tremendous amt of $$$$, time, and stress on the
horse. Stay away from "frog" support. You need the entire foot
bottom supported.

I was also interested in the Easy Care Bare Boots. They really don't
do a good job of explaining how to use the diffrent pads they offer.
They range from soft to firm and offer frog or sole support. How do I
know which to use? My horse has sore front feet and had "hot spots"
one the bone scan in both hooves but the vet's can't tell me why. THey
think it might be compensation for her rear soreness.




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