Re: ODTB Cubes (Anne-Marie) & question on files

Saucier Kathy

Are you planning to go to the ODTB for the complete diet or part of it?
If you are doing complete diet, I guess do the gradual change over across a couple weeks. Feed 1.5-2.0% of their body weight according to if they need to gain or lose weight. And if you do use them this way, the only things you need to add to it are plain salt, freshly ground flax and Vit E. I searched the archives and couldn't see how much so I would guess go to the emergency diet file and see how much of each of these were recommended on there.
If someone has the answer for the amount of these three things, please post it.

To the files experts -
Also in the files there is File 3 - Core diet, analysis & nutritional needs. Under it is a subfile Ontario Dehy Balance Cubes. But when you open it, it says the file is empty. This would be a nice place to post the amounts of Vit E, plain salt and flax meal.
Hint hint to one of our gurus, monitors, etc.
Kathy Saucier

13. ODTB Cubes in Texas!!
Posted by: "whitehorsebullet" whitehorsebullet@... whitehorsebullet
Date: Wed May 7, 2008 6:53 am ((PDT))
Yea! I will pick up my first bags of ODTB cubes next week.
do i go about using them! I am currently feeding TCCS and Low NSC hay
and TC Lite, so how do i go about incorporating/changing over to the
OTDB cubes? thanks!
Ann-Marie, Bullet and Sonny

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