Pergolide Suspension

Pauline <takarri@...>

I have just started Jack on a new bottle of Pergolide liquid(am still
working on getting capsules). The liquid in the new bottle was clear &
had a strong apple smell, whereas all the others- approx a yrs worth-
has been a weak tea colour & not as fragrant. When I rang Ranvet to
enquire- they told me the previous bottles were like that due to
oxidisation & they were probably from the last batch & the lastest
bottle was from the new batch.
As this product is still in the "trial" phase they have changed their
claim from 12mths to 3mths for being stable- in a water soluable
solution no less. I get fobbed of when I pursue it as it still in
the "trial" phase.
What have I been giving Jack? 12 mths of oxidised rubbish-yes I've seen
results- but perhaps not as good as it should have been- who knows?

As a side issue- we have Trilostane here that we use to treat dogs with
Cushings- quite succesfully- quite costly for dogs- but is it another
avenue worth pursuing?

Many thanks
Pauline & Jack (in oz)

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