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Heat or pulses in his hoofies? Colic?
all normal
Did you recently change pergolide? When was his last dose?
still on liquid- Ian is having a few problems with the paperwork at
his end for the caps- last dose 3.30pm
What are his respirations and heart rate? Capillary refill?
all normal
1. too long of a coat for too mild of weather.
I usually rug him more/this is chilly for us
2. pain response - laminitis, colic, are the first two that come to
no obvious signs

Was his coat wet from the outside or from the inside? (Could you
tell?) Was he lightly damp or drenched?
damp from the outside

Thanks Joan for the check list - it is now sunday am & he seems fine,
ate most of brekky/had pergolide- dropped him down to 3ml from 3.5ml-
1st day of winter today. Hard to tell about the sweating as is so
foggy outside- was hard to find him!
will try to find some clippers & see what happens during the day.It
seems his coat- like the rotten grass has had a growth spurt!
thanks again
Pauline & Jack

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