Jack- xs sweating update/smega?

Pauline <takarri@...>

I posted y'day about Jack going through an unusual sweating pattern.
msg 110728
Just thought I'd update everyone in case it helps others later.

While giving him a thorough going over this morning & killed my hubby's
hair clippers in the process, I found that his sheath had a few smega
plugs on the side of his sheath that may have made it uncomfortable for
him to urinate.
I have clipped these off- & gave him as light as trim as clippers would
allow in the worst areas. He seems fine tonight.
Lesson learnt- was not in the habbit of checking his sheath daily- he
is very sensitive about his private bits-will do that now.
So hopefully that & his shaggy hair was the problem last night- I am
planning on doing another full blood screen soon- but whenI get a
chance I'd like to run my protocol to the group before I do so
Thanks again
Pauline & Jack

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