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Mixing instructions are kind-of loosey, goosey. In a quart spray
bottle, use Dawn Original first and add 1". Slowly add the white
vinegar to the top or as much as you can. It does start to fizz.
Spray as usual. Flies do land, but they take off immediately without
biting. Effects don't last very long, but will build after length of
use. Is not effective for mosquitoes.

This was shared about 15 years ago at a TTEAM clinic. The host, who
has a large instruction, training, boarding and breeding farm still
uses it. I know boarders have their own products, but there are a
number of community sprayers throughout the barn. Just a note: All
horses are in groups on drylots either 24/7 or 10/7.

Thanks for asking,

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I have used a mixture of Dawn
original dishwashing liquid and white vinegar for those little
How clever! What is your ratio of Dawn to vinegar? Do you spray
like regular fly spray?
Kathy & Kasha

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