Crested Neck


Hi.? I'm considering buying a 9 year old Paso gelding, but he has a pretty significant crested neck, but his hooves look wonderful.? Owner says that he could easily have the tendency to founder if given the chance to graze (which I think they've been allowing him to do though for 3 years!).? He is a very well trained horse, doesn't spook, and beginners can ride.? I know how to deal with 'special needs' horses, as my Mtn. gelding is one and cannot graze before mid-June or later and can abscess VERY EASILY if given anything with sugar; apple, carrot, etc.? He's been doing very well now for 3-4 years.

Are Paso's a breed that tends to go that direction (crested neck, insulin resistant, etc.)?? Does anyone know?

Thank you!


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