Re: Crested Neck

Xuxa'smom <xuxawillgait@...>

This is just me, but I personally would not rule-out a fabulous horse just because he is IR or potentially IR as long as there is no history of founder. I am new to this but many on this list seem to be able to manage it with proper care and diet. It does require a bit more work though if you have the time and patience. My mare is symptomatic but I have not had all the blood work yet. I do have her on the ODTB Cubes right now. We are trying different diets to see what works. These cost about twice as much as hay here but with only one horse and not having to buy extra vitamins and the convenience, it is worth it to me. Others soak hay and so they put in more time.

A tiping crest can be one of the symptoms of DSLD though not necessarily. Just make sure you make your vet aware of this syndrome when you do your pre-purchase. I would not worry about it because it is more likely to be caused from other things.

Do you have a photo of him?


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