Weight gain/hypothyroid/laminitis worries

Ellen Smith <MineSafety@...>

Hello group -- I have not been on the list since Triton died, but
advice would be helpful. I have been concerned over the weight gain
of my Pinto since December/January. On the trail he is lethargic, but
I thought it was because of his weight gain. He is now 80 lbs. over
weight (he was 100 lbs. over weight but daily riding of 45 minutes to
1.5 hrs. and a grazing muzzle has helped). He had never had weight
issues until last fall/winter and this spring. In January, the vet
was not convinced that it was his thyroid, but a blood test last week
came out positive for "hypothyroid." I've tried to get as much
information as possible on this and diet. He is on such little grain
(1/2 cup of Lite Balance 2X/s day) that I add biotin, SEL/E and
SOURCE (which is an iodine supplement) to his miniscule amount of
feed. He has a slat block in his pasture. I've have read that too
much or too little iodine could cause a thyroid problem. Does anyone
have any understanding of this and whether or not the SOURCE
supplement could be the problem? Can I have him retested specifically
for an iodine imbalance? I am obviously concerned because of the
possibility of laminitis... so any advice is appreciated. I know that
this list is not targeted to thyroid issues, but so many of you have
great knowledge about diet that I figured you are the ones to turn to.

-- Ellen Smith, Mendon, NY

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