Dude's Glucose to Insulin Ration 4.2

tgaskins40 <tgaskins40@...>

I had Dude's blood work done Wednesday. He is on a dirt lot with a
little bit of grass coming up, we've tilled the ground and do so
weekly. This weekend I'm going to try vinegar and salt. Also, he's
getting soaked coastal bermuda hay and beet pulp, however he's
basically quit eating during the last several days. He's not on
perolide. This was the case before the blood tests were done.

Insulin was 21.1 ulU/ML normal 10-40
Glucose was 89 mg/dl

If I calcualted correctly, gives me a ration of 4.2.

advice appreciated and needed.

still working on the diet, waiting on another hay sample. ordered
herbs to flavor food. quit soaking hay, weight was dropping
steadily as he's not eaten well in about 2 months (we tried
pergolide). He could handle loosing a few pounds but not from
starving. I tried tough love, but I guess he was tougher. Current
hay sample is on files.

thanks Teresa and Dude

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