Jack/Blood testing query

Pauline <takarri@...>

I was planning on running blood tests on Jack next week, - 11th June
I'm not sure at this stage what is relevant.
Jack was on 7ml liquid pergolide start of April & all May- dropped to
6ml start of June & will drop to 5ml on the 10th June.

My aim is to see how we are responding to treatment/management, I am
curious to see how we are going- (read impatient to see if all my
hard work has paid off).

As our ACTH testing is expensive, I can't afford to do it often - so
if I do it now while he is in the middle/end of a seasonal high will
this give me enough info to see if it is being managed-I am aware of
having false results, but are not sure at which at which part of the
high it may affect.

I was also planning on doing Glucose/Insulin/ T3/T4 & iron (our oz
version- not ksu?).

I would appreciate some input if I should wait until a more
appropriate time & if so when would that be? Or do some or all of
the tests?
I was also planning on doing a Glucose/Insulin on my "normal" 25 yr
old appy- that is more for my piece of mind as I see "symptoms" in
just about every horse now- tho he does seem a bit suss.

Pauline & Jack

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