Re: Dude's Glucose to Insulin Ration 4.2

tgaskins40 <tgaskins40@...>

Thanks Mandy for the words of encouragement. My problem is, I have
been soaking his hay and he has quit eating it. I was giving b/p
and he has quit eating it. Along with his hay and b/p he was
getting vit e, thyro L, magnesium, flax meal, and salt. When he
quit eating everything I started doing the thyro l in a syringe.
The grass is very little, he was getting more in his previous
paddock. We've tilled the ground several times, dragged and raked.
There are very few survivors coming through which I'll try to kill
this weekend with tilling again and vinegar and salt.

I've tried peppermint and anise extract to flavor, which he didn't
eat. I've bought peppermint and raspberry leaf from and
so far he's not eating that either. How much of that can I safely
put in his food? His weight is really dropping and his feces is
getting hard and dry. Of course, I'm not sure what he's pooping out
at this point!

The first hay analysis I had reported the NSC level as submitted at
11.67. I've sent another sample to equi-annalytical for a better
analysis. Hopefully I'll have those results next week.

So far I have been unable to find something to flavor his food with
so that he will eat. He has been decreasing since I started
soaking. I went for days just giving him the soaked stuff and he
went for days not eating. How long can I let him go without food
before he gives in and eats?

I have been feeding his hay wet. Are others drying it then feeding
it? That was my next plan of action.

On the plus side, his insulin is coming down. He was tested on
6/14/06 it was 47.5, 10/5/07 it was 30.19 and now it's down to 21.
That's good news right?

funny thing (sorta), my other horse, Nugget, got into Dude's stall
when I gave them play time. I found Nugget happily eating the beet
pulp with all the mixings. He only ate a little before I got him
out. He is a very picky eater! Of course, later that evening he
was covered in hives all over his body!! Not sure if he had a
reaction to the mixings or what....

looking for help, Teresa and Dude in NC


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