Re: Dude's Glucose to Insulin Ration 4.2

tgaskins40 <tgaskins40@...>

he's been decreasing intake for a couple months, started with
pergolide and on vet's advice I quit that, it wasn't helping and he's
not tested positive for cushings. He's gone for a couple weeks eating
very little, then probably 4 days with virtually nothing. We've gone
through this year before last, I was soaking his hay to prevent his
allergies and he quit eating. Although he was still on pasture at
that time.

I've ordered TC Safe Starch Forage, it'll be in Wednesday, hoping to
tempt him with that. I considered TC lite but was concerned about the
iron level. I need to do more research, but I guess a little for
taste wouldn't hurt. It'll take me another week to get the TC Lite.

I'll search for the Blue Seal stuff

thanks so much for the advice and encouragement, I really feel lost!

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