Fluoridated water supply & Cushings - is there a link?



I am new to this group, from New Zealand, and have an 18 year old
t/bred with Cushings. Some of my endless googling has led me to
information about fluoride toxicity in humans and horses. We are on
municipal water (fluoridated) on our farm and this is my third horse
to develop these symptoms in the last 10 years, plus a friend's horse
who used to live here - those three are already deceased :-(. In my
frantic search for a common denominator I would be interested to know
how many of you out there are on fluoridated water. It may well be
impossible to collect any data on this but the incidence of Cushings
here in NZ doesn't seem to be very high and I know most horse
properties here are not on town water and rely on either rainwater or
bores/wells. I was wondering if it is the same in the USA? It seems
well documented that fluoride can cause thyroid problems etc and
while I understand Cushings is a complex disease it has made me
wonder if there is indeed some link or contributory factor here. As
you all know, one of the Cushings symptoms is excessive thirst - my
boy was probably getting through around 60 liters of water a day this
past summer which in itself I am sure would lead to an overload of

Interested on any feedback.

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