Re: Dude's Glucose to Insulin Ration 4.2

tgaskins40 <tgaskins40@...>

colic is also my concern, that is what concerned me about his not
eating. I know he needs the fiber to keep things moving. He has a
large tank of water and has been drinking fairly well. We are having
the first of very hot weather this week as well, which means he is
spending a lot time standing in the stall. I weigh the hay and it's
20 pounds dry, I soak it and give it in three meals a day. I've been
throwing the majority of it away as it sours in his tub. I've been
putting it in a large tub, which he is used to eating from. The bp
he's getting is just enough for the meds, 2 cups dry, then I soak it,
2x a day.

I have hay on to soak tonight and in the morning I will try spreading
it around his paddock. I resisted doing this because it's tilled
dirt. I will try to find something to spread it out on. Maybe with
it spread around the paddock he'll eat it better....

He had a bout of colic in December and I do not want to go there again.

I wonder about trying apple cider vinegar as a flavor tempter.... I
used a joint supplement for my other horse that smelled awful to me
but he loved it, it had a base of apple cider vinegar... any thoughts?

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