Re: Jack/Blood testing query

Joan and Dazzle

If you are on a budget that doesn't allow you to test all the time,
you're still testing about a month or two too soon.

If this were Dazzle (and if Dazzle lived in Australia), I would test
between mid-August and mid- Sept.

After you drop the pergolide dosage, you will want Jack on that dose
for 3 weeks before you test. Changing the dosage will change how the
body creates the hormones affected. - Otherwise, your test results
may be affected by the change in dosage.

How's his hoofies doing?

Joan and Dazzle

--- In EquineCushings@..., "Pauline" <takarri@...> wrote:

I was planning on running blood tests on Jack next week, - 11th
I'm not sure at this stage what is relevant.
Jack was on 7ml liquid pergolide start of April & all May- dropped
6ml start of June & will drop to 5ml on the 10th June.

My aim is to see how we are responding to treatment/management, I
curious to see how we are going- (read impatient to see if all my
hard work has paid off).

As our ACTH testing is expensive, I can't afford to do it often -
if I do it now while he is in the middle/end of a seasonal high
this give me enough info to see if it is being managed-I am aware
having false results, but are not sure at which at which part of
high it may affect.

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