ACTH testing after being sick

Saucier Kathy

I remember from past experience that taking blood for the ACTH in the middle of an illness or stress can give artificially high results.
Magic was sick last week of what we think was a colic. After much thought ulcers came to mind as the culprit of several symptoms we have had. He has been off and on with his feed or at least slow to finish it up. He has had episodes of laying down although he doesn't appear to have foot problems to cause this. And mostly he just can't put weight on no matter what we try. So we have given him 4 days of Ulcergard and his appetite has come back in full force so we can finally start upping his ODTB cubes.
My question is this. I was going to draw blood this week for a follow up ACTH to a Pergolide increase. But when these other things are going on, how should I now time this? Should I wait another few weeks of him feeling better so the levels come back to where they would when he is feeling normal?
I am waiting for my shipment of a powder form of Omeprazole from Ian to treat the ulcers, which is what it appears to be by his response to the 4 days of treatment.

Also another thing. In the middle of that colic day, as soon as he felt better ( kicked his belly a couple times, passed manure and gas and then perked up) he started going ravenous for salt and water. Kind of like when his IR wasn't controlled. But back when the polyuria polydypsnia (I know I misspelled those) was going on in our early days, we had other symptoms like the eye pockets, swollen sheath and depression. None of those are going on. He acts like he is feeling great now but consuming nearly 20 gallons of water a day. It's very hot but not that hot.
All the blood work came back normal including a check on his electrolytes.
His diet has NOT changed in 3 months other than adding about 3 lbs of ODTB cubes slowly.
Kathy Saucier and Magic

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