Jack- Sedation query & wee issues

Pauline <takarri@...>

I am thinking I need to give Jack a very mild sedation to check his
sheath/penis- I have read the avoid file- so would like any
suggestions as to how to approach this.
Jack has previously had 2 small operations on his penis to remove
little growths(potentially Squamous Cell Carcinomas) pre diagniosis
to PPID/IR. He is very protective of his private bits now.

I need to give him a touch of something that will allow his penis to
drop to make sure there are no other lumps arising as he seems a bit
uncomortable in that region & I can smell a bit more build up of

This is hard to explain-He sort of looks like he wants to pee but
doesn't seem comfortable- but not uncomfortable either. Not like a
cystitis.There is no straining & he almost looks owie in his stance-
(except when he pees he has a slightly shaky back leg-he has never
stretched out like a normal gelding) his back leg still nearly shakes
but nothing happens.
On our walk tonight he kept on stopping- we didn't get very far. I
felt something wasn't right. He ate well enough tonight (no zn & cu )
another story- & there are pee patches in his yard.
I am trying to think ahead in case I need to do something on the
He has previously had dandelion powder to help with the smegma & that
helped- but not sure how that fits in with his current regime. ie :
is it contraindicated with ginseng & not sure if that is the total
problem anyway.
Would appreciate any other thoughts on this
Pauline & Jack

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