Re: Questions Re Cushings Diagnosis


I appreciate the advice very much. I don't think I'll ask for another
Dex suppression test until we see how the thyroid, insulin, and
glucose results look. Armed with new knowledge, I'm also prepared to
ask the vet to justify the protocol followed in the last Dex test.
Paul ~

I didn't mention earlier, but we don't recommend the dex suppression test at all, just a
single draw ACTH. While the risk of laminitis from the steroid might be slight, there are
enough people on this list who found out the hard way that the risk is very real.

The single draw [endogenous] ACTH is diagnostic for Cushing's. It is subject to seasonal
highs in the autumn, but so is the dex suppression test.

If your vet has some new protocol that we're unaware of, we'd sure like to know about it : )

Patti K
Vail AZ

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