Re: Newbie here with FAT Paso

Mandy Woods

Hi Tracy,
Welcome to the group! OH BOY~ do you have a lot of reading to do! The files that were sent to you when you joined (or go to the Start Here file) will start Salsero on the road to health. His problem in a nut shell is you're feeding him sugar. He's IR. He needs his sugar reduced! This is how you do it. The DDT/E's. Diagnosis, Diet, Trim and Exercise. Ask you vet for the actual numbers of his insulin test. Get the lab units and normal ranges. Many horses's numbers fall in the ''normal'' range but they are still IR. We'll show you how to compute that. Then start the Diet. NO GRASS! Get him off the pasture unless his muzzle hole is taped shuts with the side slates woven shut too. Grass is full of sugar. Have a read at Soak his grass hay for one hour in cold water. Drain and serve. Get some plain shredded beet pulp and rinse/soak/rinse it till the water runs clear. Thats a great carrier for the emergency minerals. Add vitamin e, loose iodized salt and magnesium to the BP. Feed him 1.5% his body weight a day in hay/BP to lose weight. Trim his feet balanced with toes backed and heels down. Exercise him if he's able.
Your goal is to find low sugar/starch hay and balance the minerals to that. Throw out the Strategy- its 28% nsc. We aim for less that 10% nsc (sugar+starch). Hold off on the Purina Wellsolve and the ThryoidL for now. Stop the Remission. Get a 50# bag of Mag/Ox at the feed store for $25. Get your loose salt at Walmart for 33cents a box. Vitamin E in the gelcaps too. 1000iu's twice a day.
When you have a chance, go to File #9 and fill out a case history there. There are some regional feeds that this list recommends.
Please read the Start Here files again. Ask questions and we'll help. You're on the right track!
Mandy and Asher in VA

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