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See msg #'s 13733, 13746 and 107708.
Thanks, Patti. I really do know how to search the archives - sorry I
made you do that for me!

Keep in mind that soybean HULLS don't present the same problems but
are lower protein.

She's convined the hulls have the same problem(s).

Why does she need any "feed"? Hay, beet pulp and oats would be soy-

I think she's using beet pulp and oats right now; just concerned
about missing amino acids and stuff in their diets. She used to get
custom minerals, but "seems" to have had success with an off-the-
shelf one. Also claims that since she took them off the commercial
feeds and went to the oats, that a few lost their "bloated" look,
presumably from the soy.

Probably getting too OT here; I just was concerned about the soy
(including hulls) in things like TCL and CarbGuard (which I use in
tiny amounts to convince them to eat their bp w/minerals).



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