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Sandra Su

At 3:20 PM +0000 6/20/08, Tracy Dore wrote:
Salsero is a 9 yo Paso Fino gelding.
I have had him for about 2.5 years now. He is on pasture 24/7 with
two buddies. He gets a handful (I barely cover the bottom of his
feed pail) of Strategy 1x a day so I can get a supplement called
Remission in him (been on that maybe 2 months now)
Mandy gave you good advice about changing his diet. Do that
ASAP, since Salsero is in real danger of laminitis.

and BugOff Garlic to help with ticks and flies.
Garlic is not good for horses. Search the old messages about
it. It was mentioned quite a bit a while ago. Basically, I think it
causes something called Heinz anemia in horses if they get too much
garlic, and even a little can't be good. There is no definite proof
that giving a horse garlic repels insects, anyway. Your money will
be better spent on a good bug spray. I like Ultrashield, myself.
Recently, there was some mention of neem oil. I've never tried it,
but it sounds good. Check old messages for more info on that, if you
want to try it.

Even with a grazing muzzle he's fat. His neck is cresty. He does not
seem lethargic nor do his feet seem to bother him.
You are very lucky that he hasn't foundered already. It
sounds to me like he's IR. That means that changing his diet is of
utmost importance. Also, he needs exercise. That really helps, too.

She wants me to swing by and we'll try the Thyro-L and restest the
T4 in about 2 months.
Read up on Thyro-L. It has been useful in reducing weight.
See the old messages.

She said she thinks it couldn't hurt to consider putting him on the
new Purina Wellsolve or other low NSC food as well just to be safe.
That's a good idea, but Wellsolve isn't the safest feed out
there. That has recently been discussed, too, so search old messages
about Wellsolve and why other choices are better. If you use
rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp as a carrier for the things you'll
add, you'll probably spend less, anyway. Besides, a lot of those
additives are in powder form, and the moist beet pulp makes them
stick better than pellets.

All that being said I have to admit neither of my horses have been
ridden in about 18 months.
You need to find a way to exercise them, especially Salsero.
If it's not possible for you to ride, might friends ride them for
you? Many horseless people would love a chance to ride. Maybe you can
get a babysitter a few times a week and start riding again?

Salsero sheds out his winter coat so I'm not very worried about Cushings.
He's too young, anyway. Yes, I think it's IR, not Cushing's.

At this point I am wondering if I go ahead with the Thyro-L?
Do I have the vet come out and do more bloodwork and hold off on the
Thyro-L? And IS there an equine TSH test out there?
Do I try a nutritional supplement to boost the thyroid - and if so
which one?
When his IR is under control, his thyroid may regulate
itself. Till then, it's a judgment call about using Thyro-L.

One concern - I stay home with our daughter so I want to spend money
wisely on this.
We understand. A lot of us are on a limited budget. The diet
changes you will make might actually be cheaper, though perhaps more
trouble and expense in the beginning.
For instance, you should start the emergency diet right away,
but as soon as you can, you should test your hay and then adjust
supplementation to what's lacking in the hay. Also, you will need to
soak your hay till you're sure (from the hay test) that the sugar
(ESC) and starch are less than 10%.
But first, the emergency diet. Once you have that set up, ask
about hay testing and move to the next step.

Sandy Su

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