Safe treats, Was: Kellogg's Cracklin' Oats ?

Sandra Su

At 3:20 PM +0000 6/20/08, Claire C. Cox-Wilson wrote:
Skode's Horse Treats
(great cookie mixes you can bake yourself)
or Ms Red's Horse Cookies
(very reasonably priced cookies)
Better safe than sorry.
Claire in AZ
I only knew about Skodes. Thanks for posting another option.
I guess the world is beginning to see there's a market for this kind
of horse treat.
So I ordered Penny's 2 favorite Skodes cookies and a mixture
of the 2 kinds Ms Red's offers. We'll see which my princess prefers.
I know she likes the Skodes, and I've been meaning to order them for
some time. This discussion inspired me to actually go do it.
Oh, boy! Penny's going to love me more than ever when all
these treats come in!

Sandy Su

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