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hi patti ~

i had a scare in april. a couple weeks after her 2nd trim she became
very ouchy. it was also april spring grass time. i thought, uh oh,
laminitis. so i started the low sugar diet. the xrays came back
showing the bone very close to the surface at the toe tips in front.
vet said that was the cause. (but why did it not happen right after
the trim??). someone here said it still could have been laminitis.
so i kept up the diet and started pergolide.

now, she is no longer sore and yes, i have relaxed restrictions. i
have started to let her out with the others sometimes in the pasture
and am not soaking hay.

and you have asked a question that i really need an answer to. is
there no benefit in feeding a cushings horse a low sugar diet if they
are going to graze on pasture? do you watch their numbers and then do
something when they become ir?

here are her numbers in case i missed something. the ratio thing???
vet said she is not ir. correct?

acth baseline: 61.5 pg/ml (ref range 9-35)
insulin: 3.93 uiU/ml (ref range 10-40)

oh, and her appetite is coming back...

thanks again everyone,

reading bedtime stories from the group

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