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Since Blue is on the peppermint tea, let me chime in here with what
Dr. Kellon asked me to do for Blue's iron overload - if you make it
into true tea, it releases the tannins, which I think she said were
the agents that helped block iron absorption - Claire, correct me if
I'm wrong. I am making it triple strength (or more) and he gets some
on his cubes, the rest in his water - about 4 cups a day total on the
cubes and in the water. He does love it -

Carol and Blue in Maine
You are correct.
Tannins are sometimes called "antinutrients" because they may reduce
the absorption of some minerals, such as calcium & iron.
Did Dr. Kellon tell you what strength to make the infusion?
An average strength (for you & me) would be 1 tsp per 8 ounces of water??
And how long do you steep it?
Or are you actually making a decoction (simmering the herb for about
15 minutes at slightly above the boiling point)?
All my horses love their pellets or beet pulp soaked in the teas
(chamomile, meadowsweet, lemon balm, etc.), which I do routinely in
the winter.
BTW black tea is the highest in tannins but not as palatable to horses
as the above.
Fascinating stuff...herbs.
Claire in AZ

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