Re: Arthritis or ringbone?

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Vet knows it is not founder or laminitis. He says due to his old age
(around 22) he has ringbone.
Hi Valli:

My 12-year-old TB/QH cross mare was diagnosed with ringbone this
year. She was very lame so I called the vet and he took x-rays of
her front legs/feet. Results clearly indicated low ringbone in her
left foot. This was a surprise because she has been an extremely
healthy, well-cared for horse and used only for light trail riding
(I've owned her since she was 6 months old).

Although there are several treatment options (such as administering
steroid injections to the site and surgery), I decided to take a wait
and see approach. My horse has gone barefoot for years, but my
farrier applied shoes to her front feet to support the heels. I
administered bute for the pain, prescribed by the vet.

I've read that the in some cases, the growth of new bone tissue can
alleviate the pain/lameness, and six months later my horse seems to
have come thru this well. She is active, pain free and sound to ride.
I'm sure the outcome for each horse is different, depending upon
where the ringbone develops, how severe the condition is, etc.

I hope my story helps with your research of your horse's condition.

Best of luck to you and your horse.


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