Re: Farewell to Magic

Saucier Kathy

Thank you so very much for all the kind words and comfort you all have sent my way!!
Each email has been so special. What a wonderful community of horse people this is. I have saved all of them in a special email folder to hold on to.
We are there for each other helping with our horses' problems and we are there for each other with their passing.
I'll be around. Can't stop just because I no longer have a C's/IR horse. Matter of fact one of our members saw where I was from and contacted me. She lives very close to me and didn't know about the ODTB cubes. So again Magic, through the farewell writing, has helped another.
Another of our members suggested I offer the story to our walking horse magazine, so I'm pursuing that now.
And a local schooling show we used to be a regular at has asked that I pick a trophy to memorialize Magic. I've chosen trail obstacle because he loved to do those.
The love and appreciation just keeps coming and I want to thank each and every one of you that has written and expressed your condolences to me.
When I first wrote, it took me almost 2 hours to write it and find the right pictures.
All the tears kept blurring the words. Now I have tears because I am so touched by everyone and tears when I recall cute stories and memories in conversation. They are good tears. Recollecting our past has made me so aware of how wonderful our time was together. This was the first horse since I've been an adult and first time to really understand the bond and relationship you can have with a horse. So I really look forward to seeing what God develops between me and my new horse. He is so different, that it will be exciting and fun to have totally different experiences.
By the way I don't know if I ever mentioned this but Magic' registered name is Copy's Magic Sundust. My new horse, who I had no idea what his registered name was until
I handed over the check, is Prowler's Magic Man. When I saw that I almost fell over.
I did not go out searching for a copy of Magic and if I had known his name, I probably would have passed him by. So glad it was a surprise.

So thank you everyone for your wonderful messages! They mean so much to me.
Kathy Saucier, Grayson and
Magic who is without pain, running and bucking and eating lots of grass with all the others that have left us

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