Re: Selenium Source? Patti K? Dr. K?

Joan and Dazzle

Relax Heather. This one's easy. Just use 1/2 the scoop enclosed
and "eyeball" it.

If this is an average horse eating average hay, it would take 10
scoops until you would start seeing toxicity. If you're a little
high or a little low isn't going to be an issue.

The other "stuff" in the product is the yeast.

I just throw in 1 scoop for Dazzle in her mineral syringe - which
she hates with a passion. And, she reminds me of that every day.

It's small enough that it "fits" in the syringe with the other

Joan and Dazzle

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Label says:
Administer 1 heaping 1.7cc scoop (1,000mg) twice daily or as
recommended by your veterinarian. Each scoop contains 2mg Selenium

If each scopp is 1000 mg, but only contains 2 mg of selenium, what
else is in it? Is that the yeast that makes up the difference?  Do I
dose by actual weight for 1 mg, or use 1/2 of the scoop provided?
Selenium just downright scares me, so I want to get it right...
Thanks again Joan and Mandy!!!  You are two fabulous ladies!

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