My mare Sammy broke out into hives yesterday evening. Nothing has
changed in her diet or surroundings. She is on beet pulp, mag ox,
salt and horseshine with grass hay. She stays inside during the day
and is out in the evenings. I thought it might be a reaction to flies-
we have stopped using pesticide fly sprays due to her IR condition and
starting to use the fly predators. I bathed her today with betadine
and ivory soap. The vet is coming tomorrow to recheck another horse
at the barn (cut leg) and I want him to look at Sammy as well.
However, I am very worried that he will prescribe something for her
that will not work for her due to her being IR. Is there anything
safe to give her? What should I insist he not give her? She is doing
so well since I learned how to change her diet/trim from this list and
I'm scared she will backslide from this. She had hives once in the
past but they were gone by the next day. I've googled horse hives and
of course came up with lots of scary stuff. I also checked the EC
messages and did not find anything about meds there. Thanks for your
help! Christina & Sammy in VA

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