Re: APF-e??? Anybody tried this yet? Dr. Kellon????


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Where are you seeing this new product?
Erin & Nick, OH has it. APF-Pro. It's a little more
expensive--of course!! (You'd expect that of them.)

Naturally, I have never even heard of these herbs--but that doesn't
mean a heck of a lot.
Hi Ellen,

I am a real fan of the original APF -- am using it with my Cushings
horse, Sunny-- and I am now also recently began trying the APF Pro on
my I.R. horse, Vashka, who is "in training" for an early Fall
endurance ride. The APF Pro formula has been developed to help with
muscle building as well as ulcer prevention, as well as intense
training. What I can tell you now is that my horse seems quite peppy
after his workout after the second day (we're into the 6th day now),
and hangs his head over the stall door and opens his mouth to get his
APF Pro! Now I already know that his peppiness also has a lot to do
with the fact that he is on a mixture of beet pulp, oats and iodized
salt within an hour after exercise to help restore glycogen levels
(something Dr. Kellon talks about in her NRC Plus and Cushings
courses in regards to helpful nutritional support for I.R. horses in
work.) So.. while it's probably too early to give you a definitive
answer about APF Pro, I can say I have been working with the company
for years now as a distributor and as a customer and I trust them,
their research and their products.


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