Re: how much beet pulp?

Mandy Woods

Whoa! He's a big boy. The cubes you're feeding : Ontario alfalfa/tim are NOT tested for sugar and starch nor are they balanced with minerals. The bags you buy have the green label sewn on the bottom, right? You want to get the lavender label by OD called Timothy Balance. ONLY this bag of cubes is *SAFE* for an IR horse. They are formulated by Dr. Kellon. The other bags of cubes are just bags of cubes! Sure they print the protein number but we're interested in the esc/s (sugar and starch) number.
Purina makes the new Wellsolve feed....its too new for us to comment on. Its also pricey $30 a bag. Why dont you just feed hay and beetpulp?

alfalfa/timothy cubes from Ontario Dehy are tested. They are packaged
with a 12% protein listed on the outside tag. Am I overlooking
Yes, You're overlooking the sugar and starch! and then mineral balancing.


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