Re: APF-e??? Anybody tried this yet? Dr. Kellon????

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AMEN Ellen!!

I have been using APF PRO for the last month and I love it! My Horse has
gone from being ridden perhaps once a week.just working 4 to 5
days a week with a Grand Prix, Olympic Dressage Coach for the past 2 you can imagine! He has not been stiff, sore or sour! He is out
in the pasture with the other horses, happy, content, eager to work and
SOUND!!! (still knocking on wood but I guess that will be something I will
forever do!)

He was at another facility for 2 months prior to this where they just could
not find the time to give him a single syringe once a day! He was turned out
24/7 and still he was tender footed, sore, stiff, grumpy, lost weight, etc.
This all went away within 24 hours of moving him and getting onto his APF
again. We started the PRO a month ago and he has never been better!

Donna and Sullivan

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