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Thanks Mandy,
We have not yet done bloodwork but intend to do so. She is not presently shod as I had
pulled her shoes since she was becoming lame due to arthritis and wasn't comfortable
doing the mountain riding. I had decided no point to paying for shoes on a horse that
wasn't being ridden. Last trim, I asked the farrier to check to make sure she wasn't having
stone bruising due to no shoes. Our property is on the hard and rocky side.

Vet suspected the start of laminitis due to the shuffling gait, weight and pulse and also
suggested she may be IR since she's a VERY easy keeper.

I was thinking of having her put down since I didn't think she was rideable. Not having a
long history w/ this mare (less than a year) - I'm still not sure I want to go to all this effort.
I'm asking myself "what's the point?". This mare is in her mid-20's. I already have a 26 yr.
old quarter horse that is going strong and an 18 year old Gypsy Vanner. It's starting to
look like a geriatric ward around my barn!! I just went over to the "dark side" -( walking
horses) w/ this mare ( when someone gave her to me) and enjoyed trail riding her and
camping with her a little last year. Now - I'm stuck w/ an old horse that takes tons of care
and probably won't ever do what I'd like to do with her due to arthritis, ringbone, etc. etc.

I don't want to start a heated discussion but right now I'm asking myself - "Why go to all
this trouble if the horse will never be sound?" If it were my old QH that has given me
years of foxhunting service - it might be a different matter -- we have a history and an
emotional connection. sorry - guess I'm venting!


Hi Sandy,
Your mare will tell you when she's ready to move around. The thing is,
you want to control her movement! You dont want her to undo any tight
laminae that she's already grown.
Lets start at the beginning.....DDT/E. Diagnosis by bloodwork. Diet being
low esc/s. Trim a balanced foot with low heels and toes backed. Exercise
if the horse is able.
You've started the ER Diet. This reduces sugar. Is she IR? Cushings? or
both? Have you done bloodwork? Is her trim correct? Can you still feel a
digital pulse? Still sore? Can you open the stall door to a small
paddock/drylot? Give her the option of movement and watch what she chooses
to stand on. Is she in pads/boots now? Can you put a quiet horse in with
her in a dry paddock to keep her company? one that wont chase her around or
push her out of her hay? IF the answer is no and she's not on bute you may
be able to handwalk her at her pace in long flowing lines (no corners, tight
turns or pivoting) for a few minutes a day. IF she prefers to lay down in
her stall and just rest, let her!
Watch her and she'll tell you what she needs.

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