New Member - Denise


(I'm posting this in behalf of Denise - we've already sent her the Emergency Diet info/Patti

I am indeed a new member to this list and I am in an emergency situation
with my 26 year old cushings pony. I desperately need the Suggested Diet
information but have not received it.

She was doing great on pergolide for several years. We had a couple of minor
founder incidences that resulted in minor changes to her feet. For the last
two months we have been battling severe founder and now have 8 and 11 degree
changes to her front feet. I don't know why this happened because I can't see
where anything in her life changed. Nothing I am doing makes much difference.
I have been soaking her grass hay, gave her a plain salt block, and Purina Low
Starch pellets (new product). I am afraid it is too late. I just took away her
bute so I could start her on Jiogulan and AAKG (I use it for some DSLD
horses). I am still giving her Gabapentin for pain. I am ready to order Soft
Ride pads, I am overwelmed by all the nutrition information and supplements.

Help asap, please.


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