When to increase pergolide Need help with possible early laminitis

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Tom seems like he is having his fall "sore feet" episode early.  Last year it started in late August and unfortunately turned into full scale laminitis because he was not taken off of grass as I requested.

This year he gets no grass other than the few bites he grabs on the way to the sand arena to walk and trot his laps, his hay and other supplements are the same but he is starting to stand funny and is ouchy.(He is sound in  the sand).  His sheath is not swollen, which it gets when his blood sugar is really off.  he has no pulses. He is not growing any hair since June clipping, in fact the hair has all disappeared from between his legs an dhe is totally bare there.

He is on 1.25 mg pergolide.  He has been on  that dose for over 2 years with increase  to 1.5 last winter when he had laminitis. He gets 1 tbs. of ginseng per day also and 2,000 mg vitamin e in caps.

Should I ask the vet to give me a prescription for 1.5 again?  I was thinking of getting it in .75 caps and feeding it twice per day. 

I know at some point pergollide has to be increased ingeneral any way.  he has been on it for 3 years.  I year at 1 mg and two at 1.25.How do I know how much pergolide he needs?


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