Re: When to increase pergolide Need help with possible early laminitis

Cheryl Hooper <capnmrgn2000@...>

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Tom seems like he is having his fall "sore feet" episode early.  <snip>
He is on 1.25 mg pergolide.  He has been on  that dose for over 2 years with increase  to 1.5 last winter when he had laminitis. He gets 1 tbs. of ginseng per day also and 2,000 mg vitamin e in caps.

<snip>How do I know how much pergolide he needs?


HI Nan,
When was his last bloodwork done? What were his #s? Testing is the best way to deteermine if his dose is correct. How tight is his diet? Is hay tested? How are his feet maintained(barefoot/shoes/boots/etc.)? Let's get on top of this early, before the seasonal rise is here!

Cheryl and Oliver, 24yo Morgan with ECD and IR, in Newbury, MA

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