Re: Stall rest how long??

Lyndsey Lewis

"Why go to all this trouble if the horse will never be sound?" If it were my old QH that has given me years of foxhunting service - it might be a different matter -- we have a history and an emotional connection. sorry - guess I'm venting!
Hi Sandy,

If it's any help, once I got over the initial panic and fluster of 'WHAT DO I DO NOW' the care has turned out to be quite easy.

My mare is in dry lot and I've got good at soaking her hay. You might find you don't even need to soak hay if your hay is low starch and sugar...?? I put my mare on the emergency diet and she came good really quickly. I didn't have blood results for weeks and now that I have them, I'm not actually doing anything differently.

Anyway, my point is, if you do the basic emergency diet you might find that it's not so hard giving this old girl a peaceful place to retire. And seeing an old horse through the end of it's life does have it's rewards even if you're not riding.


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