Re: Emergency Diet - then what?

Cindy <cthompson@...>

OK - I've got all the "stuff" for the emergency diet and I'm soaking
the beet pulp as I write this!! Also measuring salt, vitamin E, and
magnesium oxide into containers to make it easier to dump stuff at each
feeding. Found some good laundry baskets for soaking the hay that fit
into my 70 gallon stock tank. I'm ready to roll!!!

The only obvious symptom Curran seems to have at this point are sore
feet. BUT ... they are much better than they were back in April and his
hoof boots make a huge difference. At this point (while wearing the
boots anyway) I really can't say I notice that he's off at all. He'll
be off bute by the end of the week (just getting 1 gram now). At that
point should I remove the hoof boots and see how he does?

Is it OK to feed the emergency diet until I get new hay and have that
analyzed? We could be talking another 6-8 weeks but I don't know for


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