Cinderella New Numbers

julie congleton <juliecongleton@...>

I want to keep this in perspective...when I got her in 9/07 I had just
started her on the diet. I always thought I was reaching for a 10 on the I see the mirg is killing g:I is getting gradually
closer t 10 it says laminitis risk....

Are we getting any better????????????????? Better being the operative it the season? I've never done vit e selenium before..the sel
was below normal...

July 08

G: 89

I: 10.49

g/I: 8.48

risqi 0.32

mirg: 5.62

ACTH: 5.06

Vit E 392.02

Selenium 16.61

Feb 08

G: 66

I: 9.84

g/i: 6.71

risqi : 0.32

mirg: 8.8

Sept 07 - new to diet 1st test, baseline

G: 72

I: 11.36

g/i: 6.34

risqi: .30

mirg: 8.38

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