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I’ve uploaded Cheyenne’s case history and I also have lots of questions.

1. Should I split the bp and supplements into two feeding? Right now I
give her hay in the morning then all the bp and emergency diet supplements
in the evening.
2. She foundered 2 ½ months ago, vet suggested she may be IR. I would
like to get her tested. Should I also get her tested for ACTH? Or just for
IR. What tests do I ask the vet for?
3. Since she has lost weight, would that make her test results normal
or will they always be “wrong” even though she is thinner and on a better
4. She’s 1000 lbs (if my tape is correct) and needs to lose more
weight, so should I feed her 10lbs hay and 2 ½ lbs bp?
5. Do I have to have blood test results to be able to balance the hay
with minerals? ( I feel like that is a totally stupid question, but it is a
question I have nonetheless)
6. I also have a 27 year old Arab gelding that I would like to see on a
much better diet. Is it ok to feed him this emergency diet also? He can’t
eat hay very well anymore so I knew he needed to be started on bp anyway.
7. Can I get the 27 year old Arab’s diet tightened up and balanced in
the same way that we are doing Cheyenne?
8. What tests should I ask for for him? I can do a case history on him
as well, He’s always been an easy keeper, he’s gotten into the feed bin a
few times and never foundered or had any problems, he’s a tough old bird,
carries his fat on the lower part of his body, no crests or fat pockets
anywhere. He eats Equine Senior.
9. I could only find the bp with molasses, so it’s ok to feed if it’s
been washed in the washing machine twice with hot water and rinsed in cold

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