Re: Flax vs Psyllium, off topic?


Does a 1/2 cup ground flax daily eliminate the need for a psyllium
I was advised to feed the flax seed SOAKED to eliminate the need for
psyllium. I don't know how ground vs. soaked would change the
effects. I did some reading on flax and flax oil awhile ago (long
before finding this group) and as far as I can remember it was supposed
to have some sort of "cleansing" effect. My horse would not eat the
soaked flax and I have been giving only ground flax since beginning the
ED this past winter.

There was a recent blurb in Equus about psyllium and mineral oil's
effect on sand colic. It wasn't a big article, 1 page at most, but you
may be interested.

Melissa, Callie & Lil Bit
Las Vegas, NV

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