Re: Urgent-ish questions - Fran

Saucier Kathy

About weed killer to help make your bigger dry lot, I'm a fan of the 10-20% vinegar method.
Check out the message archives for one I wrote in 2005 and others from Dr. Kellon, etc. Start with #58218 on 2/3/05 titled Re: Dry Lot and Weeds - organic method. Continue the line of message through 2/4 including #58225 from Dr. K.
You should be able to find an organic gardening center in your part of the state and either get a pre-mix or just pick up 10% or 20% vinegar.
I'm pulling for you and Jammer. Hope you get those other questions answered and just saw the last message about dehydration and liver.
He is in the size & shape Magic was and we just couldn't get any answers.
You are in my prayers.
(& Magic in greener pastures with Allah and Bailey & all the others)

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