Slightly off subject with Hypothyroid

Ellen Smith <MineSafety@...>

Dr. Kellon et. al,
Upon the advice of Dr. Kellon, I had my very porky Pinto (Buddy)
tested for IR/cushings per your advice. (I was very worried about
laminitis) His numbers came in today and are dead-on normal range
according to my vet (Genessee Valley Equine Clinic). My concerns
started last winter (when we were dealing with Mr. Triton's cushings
and IR issues) and I noticed that my Pinto was gaining weight and was
SO SLOW on the trail and huffing and puffing. By this spring he was
about 150 pounds over weight. Blood tests from 8 weeks ago indicated
hypothyroid and he was put on Thyro-L. So, I've gotten his weight
down to 1,080 lbs with the medication and daily excercise (advice
read on this board) He is 15 hands and still about 60 pounds
overweight -- although looks much better than before. He only
receives 1 pound of Nutrena Lite Balance per day divided into two
measley feedings with his supplements and medication added in.
However, over the last 4 weeks we have reached a plateau with weight
loss (at a stand-still at 1,080) Should I try the cushings diet with
rinsed hay or keep trying to lose wieght through excercise? He is on
minimal pasture. I know this is not a cushings/IR issue, but I also
know that this board is THE BEST when it comes to nutritional advice.
Red flags were raised when I read conflicting reports about treating
for hypothyroid and the possibility of heart damage from the thyroid
medication. eek. Advice is alway appreciated from any of you.
-- Ellen Smith, Mendon, NY

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